Points Engine

RewardsCore - Secure Points Ledger

At the heart of every points-based loyalty program lies its points engine, the ledger that effectuates accrual and redemption transactions. RewardsCore by Ascenda is built from the ground up for security, easy integration with existing infrastructure, and powerful enablement of targeted offers.

Go-live in under 8 weeks, while your competitors are still studying their enterprise solution manuals. We activate only the specific features you need and embed RewardsCore seamlessly into your channels.

  • Secure and immutable core ledger
  • Flexible points calculation with configurable business rules
  • Real-time points issuance and redemption
  • Intuitive campaign features for broad-based and targeted offers
  • Full range of API and batch endpoints for easy partner connectivity
Quick to customize - icon

Quick to customize

Rapid setup process with turnkey feature menu that lets you define the precise scope required.

Easy to embed - icon

Easy to embed

Broad range of connectivity options across single-sign-on, web services, batch file transfer and agent-based manual inputs.

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Simple to manage

User-friendly admin portal access for business and customer service users to reconcile transactions and make special adjustments.

Bank-Level Data Security

Whether it’s distributed hosting for cost efficiency, in-market dedicated servers or private physical data lines – RewardsCore offers turnkey cloud configurations to meet your specific security needs.

At its heart lies an encrypted points ledger which, unlike other platforms in the market, is designed from the ground up as an immutable data structure. Delivering the scalability and security of a blockchain model – without the hassles.

Native campaign enablement


Hassle-free setup of large campaigns across your base.


Precision treatment with segment-level offer fulfillment.


Continuous automatic offer activation at customer level.

Powerful Offer Management

Leverage the power of targeted offers to drive value to your customers where it has the greatest impact, and without cannibalizing existing sales.

Across both points accrual and redemption, RewardsCore makes it easy to incentivize the long-term customer behaviors you want to drive.

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