Personalized Merchant Offers. Made Simple.

In a world where consumers are exposed to countless digital marketing messages each day, personalization is the key to cutting through and delighting your customers with offers that are relevant and easy to use.

We make it simple for users to access a rich set of merchant offers conveniently in one place. Serve up card-linked-offers (CLOs), coupon deals and affiliate incentives all through the same central hub.

Whether you’re delivering cash-back or accelerated bonus points to your customers, using merchant funded offers to create a richer personalized rewards experience becomes easy with OffersHub.

  • Meta-aggregation of offers across multiple sources: client, payment networks, deal specialists
  • Single hub unifying card-linked-offers (CLOs), coupons, show & save, and affiliate deals
  • Real-time personalization via demographics, geo-location, user activity
  • CLO fulfillment as cash credits, direct transfer out or loyalty points
  • Deploy as user-friendly white label UI or with our easy-to-use APIs

The world’s most powerful turnkey offers experience

Power of aggregation


Broaden your offer selection and access richer deals by tapping into diverse sources – OffersHub takes care of cleaning, deduping, and unifying the feeds

Hyper Personalization


Delight your users with real-time offer recommendations that match their specific personal needs and interests.

Cashback and points


Deliver real-time cash-back or leverage merchant offers to fund bonus accrual that reinforces your points-based loyalty program

Driving engagement by making it easy

Market research consistently shows that 8 out of 10 customers would like to take greater advantage of merchant deals, but struggle to do so because:

  • Offers are scattered across too many different places
  • It’s time-consuming to sift through an ocean of deals
  • The hassle of accessing an offer while physically in store is too great

OffersHub eliminates the hurdles and transforms the user experience to unlock the true potential of merchant offers. Serving up highly relevant, personalized recommendations and making it easy to browse & use offers on the fly, it puts delightful rewards at your customers’ fingertips.

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