Offers Hub: Personalized
Merchant Offers

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The opportunity

Consumers are flooded with countless digital marketing offers. Lack of relevance, channel fragmentation and confusion about fulfilment mechanisms can limit the potential of your bank's offer program.

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Our solution

Ascenda's Offers Hub APIs and UIs allow you to create a highly personalized digital experience with "all offers in one place".

Aggregate and publish bank-sourced offers,
card-linked-offers, coupons and affiliate e-commerce deals all via one simple solution.


The industry's first offers meta-aggregation engine

The power of aggregation

Tap into coupons, card-linked-offers and affiliate e-commerce deals - all delivered as a unified digital content pool.

Hyper personalization

Delight users with relevant recommendations that evolve automatically as they grow with your program.

Cash-back and points

Deploy card-linked-offers as cash back or bonus points, reinforcing your primary rewards currency.

Key Features
  • Meta-aggregation of 3rd-party offer sources
  • Unified experience across offer constructs: card-linked, coupon, affiliate e-commerce, in-app purchase
  • Real-time personalization incorporating demographics, geolocation, card spend & usage patterns
  • Choice between cash-back and bonus points
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Addressing key pain points

8 out of 10 consumers say they would like to take greater advantage of merchant deals, but struggle to do so because:

  • Offers are scattered across many different places
  • It’s time-consuming to sift through an ocean of deals
  • Offers aren't rich enough to be worth the while
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With a personalized offers pool

Offers Hub enables you to pool multiple content sources to create a rich pool of value for customers, served up through highly relevant, personalized recommendations.