New Program Launch

End-to-end loyalty program development and launch

With decades of first-hand experience, the Ascenda team of strategists is your personal loyalty think tank. From bank-wide rewards schemes to frequent flyer spin-offs and greenfield coalitions, we turn our global expertise into concrete plans for your successful program launch.

Developing a new loyalty program is a unique skill. An expert craft honed by those who have worked on countless program launches close up, and carefully tracked the results. Partnering with Ascenda means drawing insights from the wins and failures of loyalty programs globally.

Key Services
  • International competitor analysis
  • Accrual and redemption construct design
  • Content strategy
  • Loyalty program financial modeling
  • Operations process design

Crafting unparalleled value propositions

Exciting & Relevant

We ensure you’re delivering the right selection of sought-after rewards. Balancing aspirational items with everyday treats that keep lower-spending customers engaged and within reach of redemption.

Economically Sustainable

Our programs are built for the long run, leveraging purchasing economies of scale and dynamic redemption pricing to combine exceptional member value with a healthy balance sheet.

Simple to manage

We manage each program launch with a focus on simple and efficient execution for your teams, minimizing complexity to ensure you are well set up to evolve and grow in the long run.

Delightful experiences. Powerful data.

Even the most inspiring reward can turn into a moment of customer frustration if its delivery is fraught with hassle and friction. We ensure you launch propositions that deliver real-life value, not just promises, and leave customers smiling.

The data your program captures is one of its most important assets. Ascenda’s program design approach is data-centric from the ground up, ensuring that insights are readily available to unlock the next level of program profitability.