JD Coin partners with Ascenda to connect to global airline and hotel loyalty programs

JD Coin partners with Ascenda to connect to global airline and hotel loyalty programs

Singapore, June 4, 2019 – Ascenda, the world’s leading loyalty solutions company, has announced a partnership with JD Coin. JD Coin will connect to TransferConnect, Ascenda’s loyalty currency exchange network, allowing over 40 million JD Coin members in China to exchange their Coins for world-class airline and hotel loyalty rewards.

JD Coin is an innovative financial product developed by JD Digits that allows its co-brand credit cardholders to earn Coins that can be redeemed for a suite of rewards including products on, the largest retailer in China. Starting this month, Coins can be exchanged for top airline and hotel loyalty currencies around the world with new global partners onboarding throughout the year. The partnership will help JD Coin target China’s highly lucrative premium travel spenders by building out a rich global rewards ecosystem while elevating the company’s global brand presence.

“We are delighted JD Coin has partnered with us to power currency transfers and deliver aspirational travel experiences to its members,” said Ascenda CEO, Kyle Armstrong, “Our partnership with JD Coin gives us an ideal platform to launch our leading loyalty propositions and we will continue to work with them on new innovations in the future.”

“This cooperation with Ascenda helps JD Coin to better achieve its goals of enabling user-centered and scene-oriented offerings and enriching the international travel rewards catalog,” said a JD Coin official, “Through the global travel loyalty programs, JD Coin users are provided a better user experience and excellent return on value. As an important loyalty points exchange platform under JD Digits, JD Coin offers its members great value on”

About JD Coin

JD Coin, a program run by JD Digits (one of the three core businesses of, Inc.), makes loyalty points earned through different platforms, industries, and channels exchangeable. Consumers can also pay with JD Coins when shopping for proprietary products on For now, JD Coin, as the medium for loyalty points exchange, has connected the loyalty points programs in many industries such as banking, aviation, insurance, communications, hotel, and Internet. With more partners joining JD Coin in the future, the loyalty points can be earned and burned through a wider range of channels.

About Ascenda

Ascenda is a global provider of innovative loyalty solutions and operates premium rewards propositions for major financial services and travel brands worldwide.

As a trusted partner empowering over 70 of the world’s leading rewards programs, Ascenda develops end-to-end solutions to address the most meaningful challenges facing the loyalty industry today.

By deeply profiling local market needs to provide the right technology, content and value propositions alongside careful management of marketing, servicing, costs, and fraud, Ascenda delivers highly compelling and beautifully simple plug & play offerings that eliminate the trade-off between cost and customer value.

For more information about Ascenda (formerly Kaligo Solutions), please visit

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