Loyalty Marketing

Integrated Campaign Delivery

Eliminate Resource Constraints to Consistently Deliver Quality Campaigns

Great campaign concepts and groundbreaking customer insights are meaningless without the ability to consistently execute on them with scale, speed and quality. Ascenda’s full service success team ensures every facet of the campaign delivery process runs optimally and executes a iterative improvement process to achieve your marketing targets.

Integrated Channel Delivery
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We work with you to map out and analyze the entire customer journey and identify the touchpoints which would be the the most relevant to engage with the target audience. We then develop an integrated channel delivery plan for each of your campaigns customized to each market and segment. Finally, we help you schedule, orchestrate and execute the campaign plan across all your marketing channels.

Automated Trigger Campaigns
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Our platform also enables us to program the delivery of lifecycle marketing campaigns through specific marketing channels based on triggers such as customer attributes, behaviour, and propensity models.

Iterative Testing Programs
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We maximise your return on investment by continuously evaluating and optimising segment, content, offer and channel mix to optimize your targeting, messaging, contact frequency and resource allocation.

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