Fraud Prevention

Automated Loyalty Fraud Prevention & Detection

Large loyalty programs are more impacted by abusive activity than ever. As loyalty offerings become increasingly digital, sophisticated attack patterns quickly emerge and evolve.

Using a unique combination of expert-designed rule sets and advanced machine learning technologies, Ascenda protects over 300 million loyalty member accounts globally. Our cloud-based solution is the industry’s first fraud management suite designed specifically around the needs of large financial services and travel loyalty programs. Enabling you to focus on member engagement instead of downside risks.

Protecting your program across key risk events
  • Data Compromise
  • Account Takeover
  • Unauthorized Accrual
  • Unauthorized Points Resale
  • Unauthorized Redemption Resale

Effective prevention & detection

Identify high-risk behaviors early

Continuous linking of transaction patterns across different abusers enables our system to uncover hidden connections and early warning signs.

Tap into global intelligence

Because Ascenda operates the world’s largest loyalty currency network, you benefit instantly when fraud trends are identified in any corner of the globe.

Uncover organized fraud rings

Automatic detection of abusive activity at scale allows you to shut down entire fraud rings at once, reducing the risk of future attacks.

Effective defenses that are easy to manage

Launch quickly

No training or label data needed to get started, as our unsupervised learning algorithms identify key patterns in your transactional data without painstaking configuration and training.

Prevent effectively

Minimize false positives and reduce manual agent reviews by tapping into the most advanced AI and machine learning technologies, evolving automatically as abusive accounts and transactions are confirmed.

Scale easily

Rely on a global cloud solution that supports hundreds of millions of loyalty member accounts through robust big data infrastructure and breakthrough proprietary algorithms.

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Ascenda operates TransferConnect, the world’s largest hub dedicated to connecting major loyalty programs and favorite merchants to facilitate loyalty commerce.

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