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TransferConnect - Industry Standard for Rewards Exchange

Partnerships between brands are essential in order to bring exciting accrual and redemption offerings to life. Unfortunately, legacy technology and the traditional bilateral partnership model make it challenging for programs to expand their partnerships at scale.

Ascenda solves this problem with TransferConnect, the loyalty currency network that connects major rewards programs and favorite merchants globally and provides the rails for scalable loyalty partnerships.

  • Single connection to hundreds of partners
  • Real-time loyalty currency connectivity
  • Native support for currency purchase
  • Precision reconciliation and settlement
  • Partnership marketing access

Connect with partners at scale

Single Connection - icon

Single Connection

A single connection into the network enables your brand to activate loyalty offers with dozens of partners globally.

Simple Commercials - icon

Simple Commercials

Transparent price structure without strings attached makes for an easy business case.

Global Reach - icon

Global Reach

From banks in Brazil to airlines in Australia, access the partners you need to create the ultimate member value proposition.

Currency Exchange

You seek new, cost-effective strategies to make your rewards more desirable. Look no further: premium customers value nothing more than the flexibility to transfer their rewards currencies into major frequent traveler schemes.

TransferConnect enables effortless exchange of loyalty currencies in real-time, providing you with both the back-end and front-end technology to deliver an exceptional transfer experience. Precise financial reconciliation and settlement are native to the platform.

Currency Purchase

Whether it’s topping up an existing rewards balance or boosting a specific accrual transaction, giving your members the flexibility to purchase rewards currency opens up new engagement strategies and new sources of revenue.

Purchase transactions are activated effortlessly through TransferConnect. With acceptance across 8 major payment networks and full charge-back liability management by Ascenda, you can focus on member loyalty and leave the transaction fulfillment to us.

Custom Connectivity

For larger marquee partnerships, such as co-branded deals or bi-directional rewards exchange, customized arrangements often remain the most effective way to craft a powerful customer proposition.

To ensure that the technical and financial operationalization of these partnerships does not become a stumbling block, TransferConnect offers custom connectivity enablement. By adapting to existing processes and infrastructure on both sides, Ascenda allows you to launch major bilateral partnerships at a fraction of the typical cost and resource requirements.

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